Sunday, January 1, 2012

#1 Yellowcard- When You're Though Thinking, Say Yes

Let me first start out by saying GODDAMN this is the most clever title EVER. This is the shit i wish i thought of when i was asking girls out in Jr high and high school. When You're Though Thinking, Say Yes is yellowcard's 5th cd (with Ryan Key), and this is there first cd after the band took a 4 year break (witch wasn't that long.) There new cd i think is the sound what they were looking for after there lights and sounds cd. though paper walls was a good cd, i just dont think it hit the mark as it should of have. "The Sound Of You And Me" starts out the cd like how a yellowcard cd should start out, loud and fast. "For You, And Your Denial" was a great first single. "Hang You Up" is an awesome song, witch dates back to while the band was on a break, Ryan started a demo project called Big If with the lead singer from Reeveoliver, the same with "Hide" witch is my favorite song off the cd. It has that perfect bleed of a great rock song. The balled "Sing For Me" is again a great slow song from yellowcard. Yellowcard has also some how to put out such awesome cds. This is another one to add to the list.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

#2 Jack's Mannequin- People and Things

I really dont think i need to write much about JM. We all know i love this band. If you want to know the back stories of theses songs here you go.

#3 Thrice- Major/Minor

I honestly have to start out by saying my top 3 were in a huge battle until last night. For the longest time this was going to be my #1 ever after i got cds 2 and 1. I'm putting this as my #3 because, i cant really pick this cd about, and describe why i like it so much. I just like this cd alot as a whole. This is thrice's 8th cd. Now there last 4 cd's were only ok (i did like circles alot), but this cd just really jumped out at me. Critics are now starting to call thrice the American radiohead, where each cd they put out is completely different than there last cd, but is hugely better. Now this isnt the screamo (or whatever you really want to define them as) cd that thrice is normally use to. There is some deep rock to it that you cant put your finger on but you just like. Now i guess you can say im getting older so my music taste is slowly starting to grow up, but now in my late 20's (30 next month). I kind of have to say that this cd might be the beginning of something new im getting into, Even though ive always been a fan of this music. Again this almost made it to my #1 spot, but i just cant pick apart why i love this cd so much, but the song that sicks out the most is one called "Anthology" just the perfect mixture of vocals and guitar riffs with fx's to it. I think if your looking for something different Major/Minor is it

#4 Matt Nathanson- Modern Love

You have to know about Matt Nathason, if you don't than you better start. I honestly think Matt is the most widyest songwriters today. His 7th album Modern Love captures that greatness of love, or todays modern love. The first song "Faster" is a great way to kick start the cd. With lyrics like "you're so delicious" it has that feeling like he's looking at the prettyest girl in the world. The song also has this great acoustic guitar feel to it. My favorite song off the cd i think is one of those self explanatory. "Room At The End Of The World" has just the simple formula for a great awesome pop song, because what are you going to do "if the sun wont rise, and the night wont turn"? The last song i'm going to talk about is the new single called "Run" (Feat. Jennifer Nettles And Kristian Bush). It's just one of those perfect love songs that has this build up all the way though the song, and perfect back round vocal with it's "oh o oh o". Modern Love is one of those cds i think that you can listen with that special someone, and i think is the cd what will push Matt Nathanson more into popularity.

#5 The Dangerous Summer- War Paint

The only new band added to this years list. The Dangerous Summer kind of has a simi Jimmy Eat World feel to them. There 2nd full length War Paint has that perfect blend of everything you can want in a cd. There cd starts out with the title track "War Paint." It has that feeling of seeing a band you never seen or heard before, if you were at a little show, and instantly when the chorus kicks in you know right than that your going to love this band. The 3rd track of the cd was there 2nd single (and my favorite song off this cd) "No One's Is Going To Need You More." I really think, if this song got radio play, it would of been a intent hit. It really has that vibe that you would listen to this heading down to the beach. The last song I'm going to talk about is the last song on the album called "Waves." This song just has that nice closing out feeling that every cd should have. That you left satisfied, like you had closer to something awesome. This wasn't the cd of the summer, but it's pretty close. I think its a good cd if your are looking for something new to latch onto for a while, but it's a cd diffidently worth checking out.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who ever invinted writers block should be shot

or worse make them, write none stop and get fucking writers cramp till the end of time. I bring this up because, sense ive gotten laid off, from time to time i'll get a kind of cool idea for a sitcom or a dramady movie. Like i start really good characters, and i know where i want to start to take them, but then......nothing, and i really think people would like these characters (im not going to say what they are, there my ideas). i know it take time for things like this to take off and go somewhere but, just like a heading or something, i guess thats why in most shows the creater is 2 people. just like now where to take this blog post haha.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super 8

I grew up in the 80's. I first movie my parents ever took me to was E.T. When i got older i watched other great 80's movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Stand by Me, The Explorers, and The Thing. That is that this movie is, all of them rolled up into one. This movie has nostalgic written all over it. I just want to say that i really really love this movie. When i first saw the teaser of this movie was with the midnight showing of Iron Man 2, and as soon as i saw it i knew right than and there i was going to the midnight showing of this film. 7 months later super bowl Sunday was the first viewing of anything of this movie. Just the start alone with the music (witch sounds so much like John Williams), and seeing that Ambin (Steven's Production company) i really felt like i was 6 years old ago again. After that every time when i saw the trailer at the movie theater i more i wanted to see it. Than the day before opening night they release the film early so June 9th i saw the 1040 showing. Let me say from the opening till the end i loved this film. It really felt it was directed by Steven himself just louder and with lens flares (JJ Abrams (the director) signature.) The magic of the film really goes to the kids of this film witch gave it that Stand by Me feel to it. That you were on adventure with them. With out giving too much away of this film (for those that haven't seen it) It's almost like an old 1950's B movie where the kids see something but no one believes them, and its up to them to stop it or really get the word out. This is the only real summer original film thats coming out, and i strongly urge you to go out, and see this film more than once. I found my self enjoying it more the 2nd viewing. If your an honest huge movie buff that grew up in the 80's with films that you still talk about and love today i really think you will enjoy Super 8. It hits all the right key moments and on the inside your going to feel like a kid again. I turely give it a 10 out of 10